Entire G1 collection for sale

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    Selling my entire collection over the next few weeks. Pretenders and action masters are already for sale here:

    eBay Seller: jimbo1701: Toys Games items on eBay.co.uk (mods - please leave if possible as I have posted a seperate thread in Ebay items for them - just wanted to give people an impression of the collections quality without clogging up the thread with dozens of photos)

    They give an impression of the overall quality of the collection. I have just about everything from the 7 year run for sale with about 75% of things being complete. Only exceptions to this are reflector, grimlock, snarl and weirdwolf which have already been sold seperately. (as well as pretenders and action masters which are on ebay till this weekend) I will gladly ship internationally.

    PM me with any offers/photo requests - serious offers only though please as I have a lot of emails asking for info at the moment. Anything I don't get offers for will be going on Ebay over the next few weeks. Cheers,


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