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Discussion in 'Movies and Television' started by jorod74, Jun 28, 2008.

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    Do you remember the end of Blazing Saddles where the fight rolls into the studio cafeteria?
    As a kid, it made me think that studios were like a GM plant or something, or like those old Sheepdog and Coyote cartoons where they both clocked in and out, were pals off the clock but enemies on the clock.

    i kinda lost that notion until i started watching tv with my oldest neice. she will try to watch the Disney/Nick teen shows.
    all i see is generic stuff pumped out almost like TF molds in a KO shop.
    I have a soft spot for one or two myself because the writing is actually quite good, but it comes back to a factory feel.

    I think that Disney/Nick/abc Family, whatever, they overstudy things with market polls, fingers on so many pulses or other things. then when a hit is made, it gets copided to death.

    i wouldn't mind that so much except for the Frankenstein's Lab thing, where they groom a talent from almost birth, then pimp them to the masses ad nauseum until we eat it with glee.
    The Jonas Brothers or Camp Rock.
    it is all plastic coated, factory made product.

    i feel old saying this, but anyone remember when a show or talent didn't even need advertising?

    just a thought. anything about the entertainment business- not the gossip or the performers' sorry states- that makes you lose the wonder you once had about it?
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    The entertainment industry has always been a factory to some degree, especially where the screen is involved. I've read interviews with more then one actor where they said that they often lost track of what film they were making back in the golden age of Hollywood studios because they would be turning them over every couple of weeks, often sharing the same backlot sets with two or three other movies.

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