Energon Superion, MISB Galvatron and more!

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    Please have a look at my auctions, I have some good stuff on the block this week including:

    loose Energon Superion:
    Transformers Energon Superion Maximus Aerialbots - eBay (item 110555858610 end time Jul-10-10 18:02:19 PDT)

    Sealed Beast Machines Tankor, probably the best figure in the line, brand new:
    Transformers Beast Machines Tankor MISB - eBay (item 110555789958 end time Jul-10-10 13:54:32 PDT)

    The big dog, a must for any Classics collection to beat up on Fansproject's Protector or the upcoming Masterpiece Rodimus Prime, ENERGON LEADER CLASS GALVATRON:
    Transformers Energon Galvatron MISB - eBay (item 110554669810 end time Jul-07-10 20:13:14 PDT)

    Finally, for the Gundam fans, a sealed RX-78-2 model kit:
    Gundam RX-78-2 Model Kit by Bandai - eBay (item 110555804398 end time Jul-10-10 14:33:15 PDT)

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