energon minicon cubes and keys for sale special custom gun preview

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    Hi Guys, Pics are up!

    I apologize for the delay in posting pics however, obligations to family came up which changed my original time frame; so I wanted to give you all something special. :D 

    The Energon "Mincon"cubes are final product; they work on any minicon port for activation. Each Energon cube weighs approximately the same as a scout class figure and have rounded edges- although these are meant for adult buyers only; I took extra precaution just in case :)  They are also great for displays/dioramas.

    The Energon Goodie Keys are also final product and works on figures which require a key to activate. Durable and tough, they feature rounded edges as well.

    Finally! The Mystery Gun... belongs to Hound! Inspired by a design by Takara that was never put into production except for Robot Heroes Hound- Although my design is definitely different and to Classics scale; as well as fit into Hound's hand This gun is a scratch built from beginning to end. This is a prototype nearing its final stages of completion (Prototype is NOT final) Final product will include a grey pigmentation and finishing details.

    Pics of Hound's handgun (Final) will be up shortly.

    Everything you see is handcrafted and made in the U.S.

    Made to Order

    Taking preorders now. email : gbot2.0@gmail.com

    Payment: Money Orders/Casheirs Check only; at this time

    Energon "Mincon" cubes (set of 4) $20 (2 variations- square based w/ peg & without square base just peg. please specify in your order) Ask about the Energon Cube Preorder Special!

    Energon Goodie Keys $10 ea. (I received no feedback on pricing, so I set it at $10 as it seemed the most reasonable choice)

    All prices are in US Dollars unless otherwise stated

    Pricing does not include shipping & handling - All orders include tracking. I ship via UPS.
    Shipping costs determined by location Email me for details.
    Insurance is optional, but recommended. (on larger orders)

    Save on shipping with each additional item.

    I ship every Tuesday and Friday.

    If you have any questions, Please don't hesitate to ask :) 

    p.s. Hope you enjoyed the pics! I'm partial to my daughter; she's partial to Energon!

    Take Care,

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    let us know when you get that Hound Gun done it looks great

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