Energon Cyberton Transmetals MLC C-10 + instructions x18 total!!!

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    LOTS of new TF auctions up for Beast Wars, Cybertron, and particularly Energon... all C-10 MLC (JUST removed from their packages) + paperwork (collector's cards, instructions, etc.) unfortunately, they've been listed in the "Transformers: Alternators" section of eVilBay:

    Energon Optimus Prime C-10:[EBAY]350195276430[/EBAY]
    Energon Hot Shot MLC C-10: [EBAY] 350195272586[/EBAY]
    Energon Grimlock & Swoop C-10: [EBAY]350195274415[/EBAY]
    Energon Megatron MLC C-10: [EBAY]350195279105[/EBAY]
    Energon Tidal Wave MLC C-10: [EBAY]350195280437[/EBAY]
    Energon ENERGON SABER MLC C-10 [EBAY] 350195281340[/EBAY]
    Energon Scorponok MLC C-10: [EBAY]350195282450[/EBAY]
    Energon Shockblast MLC C-10: [EBAY] 350195283482[/EBAY]
    Energon Omega Supreme MLC C-10: [EBAY]350195284733[/EBAY]
    Energon Perceptor MLC C-10: [EBAY]350195288219[/EBAY]
    Energon Dreadwing MLC C-10: [EBAY]350195289069[/EBAY]
    Energon Cruellock & Demolishor MLC C-10: [EBAY]350195290989[/EBAY]
    Energon Jetfire & Ironhide MLC C-10: [EBAY]350195290989[/EBAY]

    Cyberton Vector Prime MLC C-10: [EBAY] 350195286162[/EBAY]
    Cybertron Override MLC C-10: [EBAY]350195268901[/EBAY]

    All MIB:

    Transmetals Beast Wars Tigerhawk MIB C-10: [EBAY]350195630723[/EBAY]
    Transmetals Beast Wars Optimal Optimus MIB sealed C-10: [EBAY]350195653139[/EBAY]
    Transmetals Beast Wars Megatron MIB C-10: [EBAY]350195632436[/EBAY]

    Check 'em out if you have the chance!

    -- MWB

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