By Generation: Energon Abominus - How to Build The Terrorcon Combiner Without Modifications

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    CREDIT for this goes to MegaMoonMan:

    Seemed a natural fit considering Enegon featured Terrorcon figures. I think it worked out pretty well.

    It's a great custom in that ANYBODY can pull it off, no modding is needed (except a tiny bit of filing to make the weapon fit together). All you need are the figures.


    Some Detailed Images:

    It uses all the accessory/energon bits that came with the figures in the construction, but nothing else.

    back view of combined mode:

    Right arm:

    side view of body assembly:

    Body assembly (minus chest part):

    Chest part:

    Left leg:


    The arm plugs go into the holes on the yellow parts on Insecticon's arm assembly (near the screws), and the legs work by plugging the green energon part into holes on Ravage, and putting Ravage's paws into the space behind the dino's heads.

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