Encore Omega Supreme sticker information: changes and errors

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    I got my Omega Supreme in today, and found that the instructions do not give a place for each sticker, and that some of the numbers have changed.

    First, the changes

    HASBRO  Sticker&location        ENCORE
    1     HI PO B, clear chest piece    21
    21  large sigil,    upper chest      22
    22  small sigil, battery cover      1
    And a list of stickers you will have left over after applying the ones shown in the instructions:

    2x#6 (NON red arrows), sides of tank on lower gray piece behind the gap for the shoulder joint

    1X#13 (red star) - lower half of rocket on side w/o screws. with the rocket standing, sticker is right of the center fin next to the the sticking out bit with a screw.

    21 - (Hi-Po B) - clear chest piece, preempted by rubsign
    22 - (large sigil) replaced by painted sigil

    There is a note about 21 and 22 that I assume says to not apply them. the boxes for the 2 #6 and the #13 were probably accidentally covered up when the drawings were rearranged.

    Also, the sticker application drawings for the rocked are a bit confusing. Going from the box pictures, the drawings of the individual halves show the sides without screws, and the combined rocked has the side with screws on top.

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