Emergency on the Darksyde

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    "NOOO!!!" Megatron cries aboard the Darksyde. "Tarantulas we have an emergency! Get over here!!! Scorponok prep the CR pool. Waspinator get me 50 cc's of sugar." Megatron shouts

    "What's wrong Megatron?" Tarantulas asks

    "Don't just stand there. Help quickstrike with the gurney." Megatron growls

    Trantuals and Quickstrike enter the room as Megatron watches. They see the patient on the floor. Megatron's rubber ducky. Tarantulas and Quickstrike both look at eachother.

    "Do something please." Megatron sobs

    Tarantulas gulps. He carefully places the rubber toy on the gurney. Waspinator gives Megatron his emergency soda and his blanky that has duckies on them. Megatron wraps his duck up as the four of them rush to medbay with the gurney.

    "What do we have?" Scorponock asks

    Scorponok sees the ducky.

    "Fragit. Inferno. Get me the toy repair kit. Tarantulas get me the oxygen tank and some rubber. Terrorsaur. Get me a sandwich and some energon. Rampage get me some of the stash you bought from Cheetor" Scorponok orders

    "For the Rrrrroyalty." Inferno shouts and runs off.

    Tarantulas goes in the supply closet. Scorponok eats a roast beef sandwich seconds later and sips some energon as he runs several types of xrays, catscans and M.R.I.'s on the rubber ducky.

    "Whats taking so long. My bath time is two hours late." Megatron grumbles

    "Just give him time." Terrorsaur says

    "The squeaker has a tear, there's gashes all over the body. The metal bones I installed are crushed, fractured and broken. What the hell did Megatron do to it?" Scorponok asks

    "Do we really want to know?" Quickstrike asks


    Seconds later....

    Scorponok operates.

    "Scalpel." Scorponok says

    "Scalpel." Waspinator replies as he hands Scorponok various items and acts as a nurse





    "Electronic parts."

    "Electronic parts."



    "Screws and screwdriver."

    "Screws and screwdriver."




    Scorponok blasts a fly that was buzzing around his head and hits waspinator in the process.

    "Sorry Wasp. Then. Electrodes." Scorponok says




    "Terrorsaur flip the switch."

    "Flipping switch." Terrorsaur says as he flips a switch.

    Electricity runs from wires and into the electrodes. The sound of electronic parts activating is heard. Nature music plays. Waspinator shudders in fear.

    "Its alive. Its alive." Scorponok shouts and than starts to laugh evily.

    He unhooks the electrodes.

    "Here you go Inferno. Happy Birthday." Says Scorponok as he gives Inferno a replica of an ants nest that plays nature sounds.

    "Thank you valued colony member." Says Inferno as he takes the music box and runs off.

    "Okay now lets go fix that rubber ducky."

    "This time lets put armor in it. I'm tired of Megatron crushing the thing and we have to fix it." Terrorsaur complains

    "Me too buddy."

    Minutes later the rubber ducky is wheeled to a berth.

    "Megatron he'll make a full recovery but he has to stay bandaged up for a month." Scorponok states

    "B-but how will I take a bath?"

    "I have a substitute for you."

    "But it won't be Sheldon."

    "Well I could always build you a pleasure bot."

    "Its still won't be Sheldon."

    "I'm sorry sir but he needs his rest."

    "Will you bath me than?"

    "I-I'll see what I can do to speed up recovery."

    Scorponok runs off. Megatron looks into the infirmary and sees his rubber ducky. He puts a hand on the window and releases a tear from one of his optics.

    Two months later. Megatron comes into his room and sees his rubber ducky in a noose. Energon on the wall reads "FREEDOM"

    "Sheldon. Nooooooo!!!!" Megatron shouts and starts to cry.

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