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    I got the hand held game form BigBadToyStore. Here's my review:

    Graphics -

    It's an LCD screen. You can't really expect much. However, some cut scenes appear to be 3D!

    Controls -

    Left Shoulder - Block, Swerve in Level 4

    Right Shoulder - Block, Swerve in Level 4

    A Button - Fire missiles and perform battle moves

    B Button - Super dash/slash

    D PAD - Movement

    Autobot Button - Activate Pods in Level 1, Transform in Level 4

    Gameplay -

    Level One - In this level you play as Bumblebee. You must drive around and find the pods to activate the Autobots. This stage is kind of boring.

    Battle Barricade - In between levels, you must fight a Decepticon. It is similar to a Tekken video game. Barricade is very easy. The main tactic is to block, wait for him to hit you, then slash.

    Level Two - This stage is a side-scroller. You play Prime in this one. You must destroy the missile trucks and jump over obstacles. You can also duck under missiles. There are electric zappers that are much easier to pass if you super dash rather than run.

    Battle Megatron - Hehe. Easiest part of the game. After one hit, Megatron runs away.

    Level Three - This is another side-scrolling stage. Again, you are Prime. This level is essentially the same as level two, but Scorponok will jump out to hit you every once and awhile.

    Battle Scorponok - This battle is slightly harder than fighting Barricade. Tactics are the same as fighting Barricade.

    Level Four - This level is a top-down driving level. You must avoid traffic. After that, you have to ram Bonecrusher in to the buildings by swerving in to his sides. After you have banged him againt the buildings a few times, you will transform. Now, you must shoot at Bonecrusher while dodging his punches.

    Battle Bonecrusher - Same tactic as the last two.

    Level Five - This time is a side-view driving stage. You have to dodge Megatron's missiles.

    Battle Megatron - This fight is slightly different. Megatron has two attacks. Both can be blocked. The first is a blast of fire. In the second, Megatron lunges at you and then jumps up back to the other side of the screen. To defeat him, block his second attack and when he jumps back to the other side, slash him.

    There is also a Battle Mode where you can fight the Decepticons.

    The End.

    Overall, this game is very fun for what it is!
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