Egypt vs. Algeria Read it.

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    At November 18, 2009 (3 Days Ago). Remember You Read at Facebook.
    Did you Heard the Match(Game). I went to Coffre Shop in Benghazi I met My New Friends Seat are Algeria Fans. I watching the Match, I Drink some Cappuchino, I eat Croissant. We Laughing to them, make Fun of Him to Egypt Courch or The Teams:laugh: Algeria Won!!! the World Cup Qualifying:buttrock : Lot's of Celebration Victory, they Crazy Fans. Not to Tell What Happen in Egypt, it a Secret.

    On Friday Egyptian Angry Fans Turns a Hooligans, Next Year World Cup 2010. There Fighting Each Other, Both Side to Algeria Fans Againt Egypt Fans. If you haven't Watch the News or Sports try Youtube, CNN, etc.

    World Cup: Egypt vs. Algeria, it’s more than soccer |

    In Join the Show!!!

    Egypt vs. Algeria (World Cup Qualifying) | Daily Contributor
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    damn and i thought British Soccer/football fans were nuts the Egyptians not only take the cake but the whole damned bakery although props to the Algerian hackers for the Star of David hack as that was both funny and seriously had to cheese off the Egyptians.

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