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    Hey Bots and Cons,
    Here's the deal, I'm looking for trades first. I'm looking for a RTS WreckGar or a G1 or reissue Jazz. Both don't have to be MISB, loose is fine as long as WreckGar is complete. As far as Jazz, missing weapons is fine:) .

    I'll post prices soon, so for now please send me your best offer. Shipping prices are NOT included.

    If a trade goes down, we pay for each others shipping with a Delivery Confirmation number.

    Please, only within the United States and Paypal only.

    1. WFC Prime complete
    2. CHMS KO Ghost Starscream Complete
    3. CHMS KO Thundercracker Complete
    4. Classics Tankor Complete
    5. Gen. Thunderwing Complete
    6. Classics Astrotrain Complete
    7. RTS Seaspray Complete
    8. G1 Scattershot sold as is
    9. Titanium Scrouge missing stand
    10. Breacher complete
    11. Gen Skullgrin
    12. Lengends Cyber. Soundwave
    13. Gen legends G2 Megatron
    14. KissPlay Prime missing kissplay girls with a tiny scratch on the hood.
    15. Giant Gundam forarm and hand.
    16. kup and Cliffjumper head
    17. Hoc baggie with Drige, Thundercracker, Skywrap
    18. Vector Prime repro swords
    19. G1 Shockwave barrel
    20. Tftm Proto Prime. card and bubble banged up a little.
    21. And Classics MotU BattleCat. $45

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