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    Trade list, not sales list.

    My Want List is pretty simple:
    I have 4 of the 6 Chase Clear Super Spychangers, does somebody out there have the 2 I'm missing? Can you help me out? I need Ox and X-car:

    Clear Super Ox

    Clear Super X-car

    I'd peg their value at around $30 each, so I'd gladly pay that much, or I can trade as well. I have doubles of the other Chase Clear Super Spychangers and 2 of the Chase Black Sixturbo figures I would trade straight-up. Plenty more stuff I could trade from G1, BW, Botcon/OTFCC exclusives, Galaxy Force, etc, just let me know what you're looking if you have Clear Super Ox or X-car and would be willing to sell or trade. Thanks!

    Here's a list of some stuff I could trade:
    MOSC Windrazor
    MISB Sandstorm
    MISB Apelinq
    MISB Shokaract
    MISB Tigatron
    MISB Arcee w/ voice chip
    MISB Cyclonus
    MIB CatSCAN (box was never sealed, figure never removed)
    MIB Sideswipe (box was never sealed, figure never removed, correct launchers)
    MIB Sunstreaker (box was never sealed, figure never removed, correct launchers)
    MIB Roulette/Shadowstriker (box was never sealed, figures never removed)
    MIB Megazarak (box was never sealed, figure never removed)
    MIB Sentinel Maximus (box was never sealed, figure never removed)

    Headmaster Horrorcon Apeface with Spasma
    Headmaster Horrorcon Snapdragon with Krunk
    Headmaster Mindwipe with Vorath
    Headmaster Chromedome with Stylor
    Headmaster Brainstorm with Arcana
    Headmaster Highbrow with Gort & instructions

    Targetmaster Landfill with Flintlock & Silencer
    Targetmaster Quickmix with Boomer & Ricochet
    Targetmaster Scoop with Holepunch & Tracer
    Targetmaster Blurr with Haywire
    Targetmaster Crosshairs with Pinpointer
    Targetmaster Pointblank with Peacemaker
    Targetmaster Sureshot with Spoilsport
    Targetmaster Misfire with Aimless
    Targetmaster Slugslinger with Caliburst
    Targetmaster Triggerhappy with Blowpipe
    Targetmaster Cyclonus with reissue Nightstick

    Sharkticon Gnaw w/ instructions

    Triplechanger Broadside
    Triplechanger Springer
    Triplechanger Octane

    Powermaster Doubledealer with Knok & Skar
    Powermaster Joyride with Hotwire
    Powermaster Slapdash with Lube

    Micromaster Off Road Patrol
    Micromaster Rescue Patrol
    Micromaster Battle Patrol
    Micromaster Monster Truck Patrol
    Micromaster Transport Overload
    Micromaster Transport Erector

    Actionmaster Blaster with Flightpack
    Actionmaster Devastator with Scorpulator
    MIB Microman L-20 "Actionmaster Armored Convoy" repaint

    All 8 Acts of Takara's G1 PVC figures

    Superdeformed Galvatron 2 kit figure

    MIB BT-06 Binaltech Yellow Tracks

    Bruticus Maximus
    Hot Shot

    Unofficial Guide to Japanese and International Transformers J.E. Alvarez

    Oversized Sixwing
    Blitzwing(in Diaclone colors)
    Broadside(with Micromaster Flattop, and remolded to work with him)
    Multiforce Mach
    Multiforce Tackle

    25th GI Joe Foil carded figures:
    Lady Jaye
    Crimson Guard

    I also have ebay auctions(ending 5/5/09) up here:
    My current ebay items

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