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    Things for sale.

    Transformers lot 55.00 shipped Galvatron missing missile

    Halo Warthog no gun turret 25.00 shipped

    Lego Figures 13.00 shipped

    SDCC Rey 8.00 shipped

    HotWheel lot 15.00 shipped They have shelf ware

    SDCC Starro MIB 50.00 Shipped

    SDCC SwampThing with unmen MIB 50.00 Shipped

    DCUC figures They are loose with no CnC parts
    Prices dont include shipping
    Wave One
    Batman 12.00
    CnC Metamorpho 28.00 Leg pops off but isnt broke

    Wave Two
    Aquaman Joseph Curry 20.00

    Wave Three
    Unmasked DeathStroke 15.00
    Wave Four
    Artemis 17.00 One of her ankle joins is glue
    Captian Atom Kingdom Come Verson 12.00
    Unmaksed Batman Beyond 15.00
    Ares 15.00
    CnC Despero 30.00

    Wave Five
    The Riddler 13.00
    Black Lightning 13.00

    Wave Six
    Killer Moth 11.00

    Wave Seven
    Ocean Warrior Aquaman 12.00
    Bigbarda without helment 12.00

    Wave Eight
    Commander Steel 12.00
    Doctor Fate Gold Verson 18.00
    Vigilanted 11.00
    Gentleman ghost 12.00

    Wave Nine
    Guardian 15.00
    Wild Cat Blue Verson 12.00
    CnC Chemo 40.00

    Wave ten
    Robotman 10.00
    Batman 10.00
    CnC Imperlex 40.00

    Wave Eleven
    The Shark 12.00
    Deadman 12.00
    Cyborg Superman 13.00

    Wave Twelve
    Eclipso 13.00
    The Spectre 13.00
    Dr. Mid-nite 13.00

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