Fan Art: Eclipse: The Symbol of Hope

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    A little something that a friend of mine did for me as part of an art-trade.

    This is the Eclipse, a starship of the Orion-class (smaller than the Movieverse Ark, but still part of the warships zone) that appears at the beginning of one of my upcoming stories. The ship was originally going to be a commander warship to counterattack the threat of the aliens that came from the Eshems Nebula in the Movieverse comics, but due to the attack on Tyger Pax, Scattorshot - the captain of the Eclipse - had to change its function from warship to transport ship in order to save as many lives as possible.

    The ship has been called the 'Symbol of Hope' ever since.

    The Eclipse had once been a warship in the past of the Defence Force, but had been scraped and beaten up so badly it was beyond repair. But then Naos, who helps to improve stock warships for better performances on other planets, came across the ship and redesigned it from scratch, but the plans were turned down. The original designs eventually found their way into Simfur into the hands of the leader of the Science Division - Optimus (he wasn't a Prime until later on) - and the warship was found and given new improvements to fit the Cybertron of today since their technology had increased so much since its time in the past. The ship was then given the g-ahead for battle.

    The rings around the ship act as generators that spin in opposite directions of each other and power up the shields and provide the ship energy. If anything happens to one of the rings, the other can act as a backup power supply. However, if both of these rings go, then the ship would be as helpless as a newborn baby. The ship is equipped with over 500 photon laser cannons and about a dozen quantum torpedos like the USS Enterprise E. The ship is also capable of jumping into hyperspace, a faster means of travel, but it can drain the ship of its energy so the jump into hyperspace is a last resort of an attempt for escape. The ship can even warp to a place like the coloney starships in Cybertron if the correct coordinates are put into place and if the ship has enough power to jump there. Once again, this is a last resort as it will drain the ship of its power and it could be weeks before the ship can be brought back online again.

    The rings around the ship can be folded flat on top of each other when the ship lands. It can even hold a total of 100 crew members.

    Hope you like it, and please give your sinister regards to my friend. She's very proud of this and so am I.

    The ship as a twin sister called the Thanatos, another Orion-class warship.
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    I think this is pretty awesome! Congrats on getting this made for your story! :thumb 

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