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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Brakescream, Aug 17, 2012.

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    I've only ever used Ebay for buying, but I have a couple things I'd like to sell on there. I've read all the tips on Ebay itself, but as I know a lot of people use the site, I was wondering if there were any tips that the site won't tell me.

    For instance, I've read there's a few countries that you ideally don't want to be selling to, but I don't know which ones, and any other tips that you can give me would be greatly appreciated.
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    I'm a regular buyer and seller on ebay with 576 transactions and 100% feedback so I guess I've learnt a few things over the time I spent there. I don't know why you'd avoid specific countries for any reason other than shipping charges so maybe someone else can answer that.

    I try to sell only to people within my country but am willing to make exceptions if someone messages me telling me they really want the item. This will require you to figure out how much shipping will cost to their country and if they win, sending a new invoice with the updated price.

    I tend to avoid new users because they often don't pay for their items. In fact, I've had to cancel close to 10 transactions due to them not paying. At this point I just put "Buyer must have at least 5* to bid" or something like that.

    Since you'll be using it for selling, it'd be best that you charge a buck more for shipping so you can add a tracking no. That way if a buyer wants to try and con you or something like that, you have proof that the item was delivered.

    If something went wrong and you end up with negative feedback that you know you didn't deserve, before raging and calling ebay try to contact the buyer. If you're polite and offer a refund then they'll more than likely revise their feeback.

    Finally, believe it or not your record is more important than the money you make off of one item. The feedback score is constantly looked at and some buyers won't even deal with sellers that have anything lower than 99%.

    Hope I was of some help. Feel free to ask anything else and I'll try to answer.
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    I see your location is the UK. You may want to ask in the UK Toy Discussion thread in the TF Toy Discussion forum. I know some members in there won't ship to certain countries for various reasons.

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