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    Hi, I need a little extra money for NJCC in two week so I put some items up on eBay for sale. If you do bid/buy them on eBay and your a TFW2005 member, you get free shipping (in the US). Thanks.

    ROTF Ironhide (missing one cannon but if I find it I will include it)

    DOTM Sentinel Prime (missing weapons but comes with instructions)

    G1 1984 Jazz (no weapons, figure only)

    RTS Windcharger (only opened once and transformed once. Then put back in box)

    Leader Class optimus Prime parts for customization...

    Articulated Left and Right hands from the 2007 Leader class Optimus Prime

    All 6 Rubber Tires from the 2007 Leader class Optimus Prime

    The Head of Optimus Prime from Leader class Battle Hooks Optimus Prime (so the non-mouthplate version)

    The Left and Right back Gastanks/smokestacks from ROTF Leader Optimus Prime (one has a crack in it but is still together)

    And the Left and Right battle hooks from the same Optimus Prime (if you have a ROTF Leader class Prime, all you have to do is screw in the blades).

    rebelfan1977 | eBay

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