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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Boggs6ft7, Jun 17, 2007.

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    May 25, 2006
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    So I'm getting ready to sell my first item on Ebay, I've bought plenty of things on there, up until now.

    I was wondering what pitfalls to avoid. I figured there were several people on here to regularly sell toys on ebay.

    I'm going to sell my Spider-man Animated series toy collection (the one Toybiz put out in the early-mid 90's), its not complete, but fairly large. I weighed it out in two large boxes and its about 40 pounds worth of toys, all in their original packaging.

    I hadn't planned on selling with a reserve and I plan on only shipping to US and Canada.

    I basically don't want my ass handed to me when the auction ends, be it shipping, bad buyer, etc...
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    Apr 24, 2007
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    Be specific in your description for the item itself as well as the prices you charge for shipment. I'd also keep an eye out for bidders with too many negative feedbacks. But the most important thing I've learned in selling on eBay is that communication to (prospective as well as final) buyers is key; keeping them informed (even if, say their items will be late for shipment) is something to strive for.
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    Nov 28, 2006
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    I appreciate a seller with good, clear pics, also more than one really intrigues me lol.

    As selling a few items on ebay, I am pretty familiar with the system.

    Only thing you need to watch for is those 0 feedback fools. They will leave u high n dry.

    The Ebay fee can be waived via a "non paying bidder" claim. But, its the hassle of re-listing that is the hurtful part of that scenario.

    Paypal is a great way to collect your cash quick, with minimal to no fees.

    Reserve is a good choice, but I'd choose to start bidding at (whatever) to avoid the extra listing fee on a reserve item.

    Buy it now's are kinda wack, (extra fee's here too) but maybe someone will bite.

    Don't ever do trades, or "dude ill give you this if you give me that and then..." NO. Cut that stuff out, you don't need it.

    Make sure you have a good listing "title"
    that accurately describes yer item so when people search, many keywords will activate your item.

    Don't fall for the "list in a second category" you don't need it.

    Once you sell one, you'll be hooked.

    I hear Ebay is re-vamping thier services in their Middle_age of a website, and undergoing costruction soon, so 1284 items wont pop up when u do a search soon.

    Have fun, and be honest, so you don't let it bite you in the ass when dude gets your item in the mail.

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