[eBay] Masterpeice Megatron + Prime + JustToys Trailer & Meg Upgrade Set

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    Apologies if this seems spammy. Well, it is a bit.
    But after the last time I sold bits of my collection (a massive Star Wars lot) on eBay, and rather than going to a collector who would appreciate them as I had wanted they went to a comic shop who would no doubt butcher the lot for choise peices and sell them on, I figured I would let as many TransFormers collector know about my auction just on the off chance this lot could actually go to an appreciative home.
    Because I really don't want to sell, but needs must.

    Anyway, I'm auctioning Masterpeice Prime, Masterpeice Megatron and two JustToys upgrade sets (Prime's trailer and Megatron's stock/silencer/die-cast leg peices).
    The Prime isn;t actually a Masterpeice, it's a Hasbro 20th Anniversary, battle damage deco, with 3rd Party chromed long smokestacks identical to the MP-01. It's kinda' a hybrid I wanted for myself, didn;t think I'd ever be selling him.
    All complete and boxed, tons of info and photos at the auction.

    Would feel so much better if they went to a collector, or a fan, rather than back into some ratail loop.

    I can only hope.

    TransFormers Masterpiece Optimus Prime + MP-05 Decepticon Leader + Upgrade Sets | eBay

    Sorry for spamming, thanks for looking. If you are interested and want any other information, additional photos, or whatever don;t hesitiate to let me know.


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