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    I got my much-maligned e-hobby toy today from TFsource. I have to say, although the main figure actually looks pretty good up close, the trailer is still what hurts this toy the most.

    The trailer is much darker than the pics made it look--rather than baby blue, it's closer to turquoise, which is G1 Ultra Magnus's color scheme. What bothers me is that, in removing the chrome, they didn't do anything with the sides of the trailer other than use that turquoise-blue color. I don't like the G2/Beast Wars practice of labeling every TF with its own name (what, are they so stupid they're going to forget their own names if they aren't wearing them?), but some graphics--even extra faction symbols--would have been nice.

    Apart from that, there was a conscious effort to do the homage thing here--the trailer also features red and white, and if you look closely at Magnus's robot mode, it's clearly a nod to his original supermode--the chest plate is blue (like his original), with red underneath it (as if it's showing through). His legs are also red and blue. While his cab mode is mostly white (with silver on the front to replace the red on Battle Convoy/Laser Prime), his robot mode, for the most part, is not just a white Prime, thankfully.

    The sword has been recolored to blue, which I think looks much nicer than the clear one Battle Convoy has.

    Part of what also makes the poor guy look cheap, though, are the cruddy paper decals on his chest and shoulders. I suppose they're accurate to G2, but I'm thinking a hop over to Reprolabels would not be out of order.

    The packaging is, as advertised, the Battle Convoy box with e-hobby stickers stuck on the front and back. Some sort of change would have been nice, but with Takaratomy cutting costs, I didn't really expect much here.

    This is a mold I've always been curious about, and this was a decent opportunity to get a nice one. I don't quite see what the fuss is about the big shoulders--yeah, they're big, but he doesn't look any more linebacker-ish than leader-sized Armada Prime.

    Overall, I like the main figure quite a bit--he actually is pretty nice up front. The trailer could have been done more creatively, though.

    Worth a look, if you're into collecting the Japanese exclusives. It probably isn't worth it if you're one of the many who disliked this toy on sight.

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    I was just pissed what the did with the trailer.. all that money they saved by omitting the trailer's chrome, and they couldn't come up with ANYthing to keep it from looking KOish?? :puke2:  ..and you, sir, suck :p  you have him AND wingsaber ;) 


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