DX9 D-08 Gewalt (MP Blitzwing)

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    DX9 have developed a reputation for producing very good-looking, high quality and enjoyable Masterpiece-scale transforming figures that bring them more fans with every subsequent release. Having grabbed attention with their Invisible car robot figure as first to market at MP scale, they followed it up with the brilliant Chigurh, exceptional Carry and popular Tyrant. Now they tackle yet another triplechanger, one who they could not afford to make a mess of with KFC’s Ditka looking as pretty as it does. How have they fared with one of the original two evil triplechangers, the one they call D-08 ”Gewalt”?

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    When I opened the box, the first satisfaction was seeing the size of the tank, massive and compact. At first I criticized this mode for a few details, but with closer inspection I noticed my mistake of comparison: the Gewalt-tank is not designed on the old simple model of the T-72 (such as the G1 toy), but on current versions which are equipped with additional armor of modern T-80 and T-90, where the big robot arms forming the coverage armoured girdle, and in the picture 1 you see a side panel that resembles the bent wing of Gewalt-jet; there is also a version of the T-72 with roughly squared front panel, which probably inspired the designers DX9. The front hull has two configuration variants: 1) G1 version, with the head of the robot exposed centrally forward; 2) official version, with the head on its side and exposed head lights. So that of Gewalt-tank is a mixed mode between the actual tank and that of the character G1. I invented a way to position the robot's rifle on the tank turret like a machine gun: pull the center section of the cannon and fold up the rear, reinsert it to form the turret and place the above rifle (photo 3), it's just leaning but is held in balance... the scenic effect is remarkable! Picture 8 there is a suggestion for the DX9, putting in comparison Gewalt and Blitzwing Generation full upgrade kit SXS A-03. It may be an idea to do a upgrade kit for Gewalt-tank: the new middle section of the turret together with a rear structure where hook a machine gun and rockets (the missiles will be interchangeable with the jet). In the G1 version, I prefer it with both weapons on display (even with the sword hooked on the rear hull); while the official version, only with machine gun (photo 2). I also found the armed mode of Chigurh-locomotive (photo 7): extract only the rifle barrel and then attach it to the side of the vehicle. The small purple wings should be kept horizontal in line with the rear panels (armored hull). For an orderly arrangement at the base of the tank, keep the two tips jet beak blocked inward (photo 2); while in the official version, you can hide the face of the robot turning toward the right girdle. I have various TF-tank, but no one has given me the most satisfaction of Gewalt-tank because of its various configurations. The jet is the best in comparison to all the alt-mode versions made so far, a perfect reproduction of the real MIG-25 Foxbat (photo 5). The girdle under the wings in his case are unobtrusive in appearance, both with side covers that make them look of the tanks, that their small size compared to those of jet (34,5 cm long), second in size only after ROTF Leader Jetfire (40 cm long). A funny detail and that you can place on take-off without the need for a platform! The three trolleys are made of metal, a solid support. The robot is another masterpiece (photo 6), with an innovative and unique design; high 24,7 cm (Chigurh 24,2 cm) massive and imposing (structurally in line with the character of Blitzwing). Complete with all the possible joints (many reinforced with metal parts), for many components and Gewalt panels (photo 4). Weapons: sword, rifle and the middle section of the tank turret becomes a sniper rifle; the fake gray gun touse as a lever for hardboard, and to change the two faces of the robot. Overall, the model is composed of a very good and often plastic material with various metal components (photo 3), from typical excellent DX9 invoice; in summary, a model that can not miss the collection of a passionate Transformers!

    Please click here for the full gallery with comments and schemes: https://goo.gl/photos/xVTgakcPfnU1xrdo6

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    My review of DX9 Gewalt was published by my friend "Parigi41" in September 2016 (the period when I was not yet a member of this forum). My "paternity" is evident in photos with my signature... and my way of "presenting" TF models in a review (it's enough to make a comparison with the other reviews I've published in this forum).

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