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    Having a bit of a pre-Christmas clearout so I have a few TF things up for grabs (I have got other sci-fi and gaming stuff and probably some other TFs as well but I haven't sorted anything yet!).

    ** Titan Books Graphic Novels (all NEW Diamond edition hardbacks) **

    Maximum Force
    Trial By Fire

    ** DVDs **

    Beast Wars Vol. 1 (UK release featuring The Agenda plus eps. from Season 3)
    Beast Wars Season 2 Box Set (R1)
    Beast Wars Classic Episodes Vol 1 (R1, Canadian Release)
    Beast Wars Classic Episodes Vol 2 (R1, Canadian Release)
    Beast Wars Classic Episodes Vol 3 (R1, Canadian Release)
    Beast Wars Classic Episodes Vol 4 (R1, Canadian Release)

    The four Canadian BW DVDs contain the entire first season although the packaging is slightly misleading as it lists the two-parters as single stories and has "A Better Mousetrap" incorrectly titled on the inlay!

    There aren't any commentaries on any of the DVDs. The Canadian releases are just the episodes with a reversible sleeve with English / French languages but photo galleries on volumes 2 and 3. The US Season 2 set just has animation tests and a booklet.

    The UK disc has the first episode from season one hidden as an easter egg, a photo gallery, character profiles and a brief history of the series.
    I do know that ALL of these DVDs have now been discontinued and that the Season 2 set is fairly hard to track down.

    I'm open to reasonable offers on all of these and will take payment by pretty much any method and I'm happy to ship these worldwide.


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