DVD Minicons for sale- rare chance to stock up on some great minicons

Discussion in 'Items For Sale or Trade' started by rdarkstream, Apr 11, 2006.

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    DVD Minicons
    these are rather hard to find. I will be taking offers on these for a few days before i toss them on ebay. IF you need pics i would suggest either F2F of tfu.info. Both should have pics of them. If you need to see condition just ask.

    1) This is the Super stunt team. 50$ One of the really harder ones to get. MISB
    2)TopGear (Speed Chaser Team)-40-set makes the shield MISB
    3)MidShift (Speed Chaser Team)-40 set makes the shield MISB
    4)TailsLight (Speed Chaser Team)35- he is loose
    7)Twirl (Sonic Assault Team)-45 MISB
    8)FreeBoot (Aqua Raider Team)-35-loose
    9)Breach (Aqua Raider Team)-35 loose
    10)Sunburn (Aqua Raider Team)-35-loose Buy the sea team for a lot for 90.
    11)Kingbolt (Hazard Team)-40$ Emergency team MISB
    12)Impulser (Hazard Team) -40$ Emergency team MISB

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