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    This is a project I've been wanting to do for awhile now. For any kid of the 80s, they remember the Dungeons & Dragons cartoon. Like most 80s cartoons it never got an ending. But it didn't get a last episode script. So far no one has made an ending for this show till now. I'm working on doing the ending in comic book form. Also after that I'm gonna do a continuation of the series where they're older and in a darker tone.

    So the pages are just sketches right now so some pages are better than others. I'm just in the planning stage. After this I'll re-draw all these on real comic book paper and plan to publish this no-profit of course. If anyone on here wants to help that would be great. If you see any panels you think that might look better or changed let me know please. Could anyone make a logo for me? Like at the beginning of every episode, it shows the title of the episode but, i need it to say Requiem.

    Also heres the script written by one of the main writers for the show, Michael Reaves

    P 1

    P 2

    P 3

    P 4-5 Double splash page/ Unfinished

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