Non-TF: DS "Nameless Assassin"

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    Another project I did needed a blank male face to paint and thus I had to carve it out of a Figma Archetype 2.0 male, leaving me with a faceless naked man to do with whatever I pleased.
    Around the time I started this, I was also stuck trying to beat Dark Souls 3's "Nameless King" on my first playthrough without summoning anyone and ruining the fun. I liked his design a lot and I kind of wanted to create something like him.

    - Base is a Figma Archetype with the face carved off and replaced with a oval slab.
    - Knives come from a certain other project I'd like to show off once she's done.
    - The skirt is just a piece of t-shirt fabric I picked up from a goodwill. Some kind of gymnastics shirt, very elastic-y.
    - The arms were scruffed with an exact knife to give them a more 'battle scars' appearence.
    - Face was carved into based off DS3's Dark Knights(praise the red orbs).
    - And the head tassel&feet "clouds" are actually the same thing. They're white ribbon that was torn apart. The outer stiching turned into cotton-fluff when removed and the main body of the ribbon became a nice hair tassel. The same kind of ribbon was used to make the skirt's belt.

    Not normally my specialty, but I've actually started doing this for a few months now and it's pretty fun to do something human for once.

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