Drives us Prime

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    I've been thinking since i saw the music meister episode i have made a Parody of Drives us bats with Soundblaster (Not soundwave i this song)
    It is in the TFA universe

    Drives us Bats Parody
    “Drives us Prime”​

    He always has a sidekick
    Some Bot Wonder at his call
    His utility gloves holds everything
    Can’t find that at the mall

    His Big Truck Mode is super fast
    There is no car that is surpassed
    It’s a good thing we’ve got Kaon
    ‘Cuz he really drives us Prime!

    Drives us Prime, drives us Prime
    He really drives us Prime Prime Prime
    He drives us Prime

    Whether dancing the Circuit Su,
    Or using an array of tools
    He’s always got the answers
    He makes us look like fools

    He’s got no superpoweeeerrs
    He’s just a flying truck
    It’s a good thing we’ve got Kaon
    Cuz he really drives us Prime

    Drives us Prime
    (Cybertron’s Newest Magnus)
    Drives us Prime
    (Foiling every evil scheme)
    He really drives us Prime, Prime Prime
    Heeee drives us Priiiiime

    Cyclonus:Even without shark repellent
    Blitzwing:He’s tougher than he seems
    Sentinal Prime:Other heroes often ask
    Rodimus Prime:Why is he always the top cat?

    He drives us Priiiime
    Drives us Priiiime
    Drives us Prime!

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