DragonPrime120's Mega Sale For The First 1/2 Of 2012!

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    Jul 31, 2011
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    DragonPrime120's Sales Thread


    Hey Guys, Just An Update To My Buy/Sale/Trade Thread.
    This Thread Consists Of A Tri-Colored Organizational System.
    Green Means For Sale And Trade
    Orange Is For Trade Only
    Blue Is For Sale Only[/COLOR]

    I Take Paypal, Postal Money Orders, And Checks Or Cash In The Mail.
    I Ship To Us And Canada:
    US-$5 Shipping
    Canada-$20 Shipping

    Private Message Me For Pictures And Provide An email Address Please.
    Might Be Willing To Move Items From Trade Only To Buy And Trade.

    I'll Start Out With My LOOSE Haves:

    1.) Warpath- $11
    2.)- Wheeljack-$8
    3.) Seargent Kup-$6
    4.) JunkHeap-$7 SOLD
    5.) Thundercracker-$9 SOLD

    6.) RTS Special Ops Jazz
    7.) RTS Turbo Tracks
    8.) RTS Perceptor

    9.) RTS Battle In Space Rodimus vs. Cyclonus x2-$8 For Each Figure
    10.) RTS G2 Optimus Prime-$10 w/ BiS Matrix
    11.) RTS Bumblebee-$5 SOLD
    12.) Scourge-$8
    13.) HFTD Seaspray-$15

    Kreons: $3 Each. Minimum 2

    1.) Skywarp
    2.) ThundercrackerSOLD
    3.) Soundwave
    4.) Sentinel PrimeSOLD
    5.) Optimus Prime
    6.) BluestreakSOLD
    7.) JazzSOLD

    Transformers Prime:

    1.) Arcee
    2.) Bumblebee
    3.) Starscream


    1.) Arcee-$7
    2.) Cliffjumper-$6
    3.) Bulkhead-$14
    4.) MOSC Hot Shot-$18
    5.) MOSC Knockout-$17


    1.) MISB Mighty Muggs Jazz-$15

    Here Are My Wants:
    Orange Is TOP Priority
    Red Is Medium Priority

    1.) Any Arms Micron Figure. Loose Is Fine (No Micron Needed Except Megatron. Box IS Needed As Well As Stickers)

    2.) Masterpiece Skywarp (Loose Is Fine.)
    3.) SDCC 2011 FE Optimus Prime. (Loose Is Fine.)

    4.) NYCC 2011 Bumblebee And Arcee Set (Loose Is Fine. Will Take Figures Seperately. Kids NOT Needed.)

    5.) Prime Cyberverse Commander Irohide
    6.) Prime Cyberverse Commander Dreadwing
    7.) Prime Season One DVD.
    8.) Deluxe Evac From Universal Studios
    9.) Any Classics Figure That Is FROM THE Classics Line. Not RTS, Generations
    10.)Dr.Wu Wheeljack Unmasked Faceplate
    11.) Dr Wu. Prime Guns
    12.) Prime Entertainment Pack. (Either One. Will Take Them Loose. No Humans Needed. Really Looking For Megatron From The First Edition One And Starscream From The Second One. Box ISN'T Needed)

    I Take Paypal, Postal Money Orders, And Checks Or Cash In The Mail.
    I Ship To Us And Canada:
    US-$5 Shipping
    Canada-$20 Shipping
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