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Discussion in 'Wanted Items' started by Dragonclaw, May 28, 2007.

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    Some easy...mostly not though, but what the heck...just in case here's teh complete list of everything I need to retire from collecting :p  I PREFER loose and displayable, but hey, if MIB is what ya got it's not like I'll turn up my nose :) 

    TF: South America

    Green Bumblejumper
    Orange Cliffjumper
    Wine Gears
    Silver Cliffjumper
    Mexican Hoist (Or just the head in good shape :D  )

    Junker G1 I'm looking for custom fodder...can have MAJOR chrome wear...looseness...incomplete...as long as there's no breaks :) 

    G1 Grimlock
    G1 Sludge
    G1 Swoop


    Korean Protectobots (Red First Aid, Black Streetwise, Red Groove)
    Any other crazy color Korean knockoffs!


    Marboor Wheeljack
    Yellow Trailbreaker hands
    Red Hoist hands


    Drago Draconis

    Unreleased / Prototype

    G2 Laser Cycles
    G2 Hero Optimus recolor
    G2 Greasepit
    G2 GoBot Rumble (final colors)
    G2 GoBot Blurr (final colors)
    G2 Green Megatron/Megaplex flipchanger jet
    Universe Smokescreen
    Universe Cheetor recolor
    Universe Seacons
    Any Spychangers or Energon combiner pieces in non-production colors

    Machine Robo

    Yellow MR03 (FiTor)
    Blue MR09 (Dumper)
    Black MR18 (Road Ranger)
    Black MR07 (Turbo)
    White MR07 (Turbo) Australian release
    Silver MR13 (Hans Cuff) Australian release
    Blue MR15 (Rest-Q) Australian release
    White MR48 (Major Mo)
    Black MR42 (Tail Pipe)
    W-MR-01 F-15 / Truck
    MRJW-3 Helicopter / Drill Tank Combiner
    MRJw-2 2 Jet Combiner
    MRBW-2 Motorcycle / Sidecar Combiner
    W-08 Winner Porsche
    Winner Robo Carrier (Black Stacks)
    CG-09 Dump Truck (Light & Sound)
    CG-12 Bullet Train (Light & Sound)
    CG-14 Space Shuttle (Light & Sound)

    Misc...insane stuff! (Yeah, like the other stuff is EASY!)

    Jumbo Machinder Combattra
    Jumbo Machinder Voltes V
    Nadesico Gekigangar 3 kit (Turns SOC Mazinger into Gekigangar!)
    1/40 Orguss
    1/40 Nickick
    DX Batrain
    DX Baldios
    DX Gatchaspartan
    Leg Guards / wings for Jumbo Machinder Danguard

    I'll probably add more later...

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