Dragonclaws most wanted (Yeah, it's INSANE!) Mostly Machine Robo

Discussion in 'Wanted Items' started by Dragonclaw, Nov 12, 2006.

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    For those who know me...a want list from me is like Impossible Mission...but sometimes you just never know :)  Besides, since most of these are from overseas I KNOW we get some members from other countries where these are much more common so maybe I'll have some luck with people I can try and find things they want from here to swap...So here it goes


    Mexican Hoist (Trailbreaker Head)
    Mexican Silver Cliffjumper
    Brazillian Green Bumblejumper
    Brazillian "wine" Gears
    Just about any Spychanger test shot in non-production colors :) 

    GoBots / Machine Robo:

    MR-42 - Tail Pipe - Black!
    Night Fright
    MR 48 - Major Mo - white *Watching one on Ebay now*
    MR 50 - Twin Spin - yellow *Watching one on Ebay now*
    Fi-Tor - Yellow (Best 5 version)
    Spoiler - Black (Best 5 version)
    Hans Cuff - Blue (Best 5 version)
    Dumper - Blue (Best 5 version)
    Road Ranger - silver/black (Best 5 version)
    MR-42 - Tail Pipe (white)
    WMR-01 - F15 & launcher combiner
    MRJW3 - Helicopter & drill combiner
    MRJW4 - 2 jets combiner
    MRBW2 - Motorcycle & sidecar combiner
    W-01 Red Testarossa
    W-03 Police Winner
    W-07 Fire Winner
    W-08 Porsche Winner
    Winnerrobo Carrier
    Any of the CG series except the police car
    Australian Machine Men set (just need: Silver Hans Cuff, Blue Rest-Q, White Turbo)


    Drago Draconus (The other dragon...not the Chinese one :)  )

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