Dr. Lucky's Big Sales Thread (Including TCC Seacons)

Discussion in 'Items For Sale or Trade' started by Dr. Lucky, Nov 30, 2008.

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    I've got to raise some money for the holidays, so I've got to sell off some of my treasures. I would prefer not to ship outside of the US, but I could talk about it. All prices are in US dollars. I can accept PayPal or US money orders. Let me know if you are interested in anything, and I can get you a shipping quote.

    The only trade items I might be looking for right now are Classics Cliffjumper or a Botcon '07 Bugbite; other than these, I really just need cash.

    There's a link to my feedback in my signature.

    All the loose figures are displayed only, tight joints, great shape, unless I note otherwise about a particular figure.

    KO Prowl - $25 MISB (Chinese writing on white police car)
    Windcharger - $20 includes engine weapon and both tops but no instructions. This figure isn't in the same stellar shape as most of my figures, but the joints are tight and there are no major blemishes. Also, there is an improvised barrel on the engine weapon; it hinges properly to fit in either car or bot mode. It could be removed with no damage to the weapon.

    Voyager Blitzwing - $20 MISB
    Voyager Starscream - $16 MISB
    Deluxe Bumblebee - $4 includes rockets but no instructions (From the WM 3 pack, didn't need another) Basically new.

    Deluxe Blurr - $10 MOSC

    Deluxe Mirage - $16 MOSC

    Deluxe Sideways - $10 includes all accessories (key, wings) and instructions.
    Deluxe Skywarp - $4 includes all accessories (key, missile) and instructions.
    Deluxe Thunderblast - $7 includes all accessories (key, gun, missiles) but no instructions. Figure is in great shape, but gun has a crack near the hinge.
    Deluxe Unicron - $10 includes all accessories (key, missile, grey spike things) but no instructions.
    Leader Megatron - $22 includes all accessories (key, missiles, removable wheel/gun, removable arm spikes) but no instructions.
    Scout Hightail - $4 MISB
    Scout Repugnus - $4 MISB
    Scout Scrapmetal (Red) - $4 MISB
    Scout Scrapmetal (Yellow) - $4 MISB
    Scout Swindle - $4 MISB
    Ultra Cryo Scourge - $20 MISB
    Ultra Sky Shadow - $20 MISB
    Voyager Vector Prime - $15 includes all accessories (key, missile, sword, minicon) and instructions. HOLD

    Ultra Scorponok - $20 MISB
    Voyager Treadbolt - $9 includes all accessories (missile, minicon) and instructions, card, and mini-comic.

    Starscream (MP-03 Japanese Greenscream) - $85 In box, all accessories (gun clip, null rays, missiles, Dr. Archevil, stand), paperwork and stickersheets included. No stickers applied. Right wing joint has some of the stressing that was common in this figure, figure is otherwise perfect.
    Starscream (USA Wal-Mart Edition) - $60 MISB HOLD

    Cyber Slammers Cliffjumper - $4 MISB
    Voyager Incinerator - $14 MISB

    6" War Within Optimus Prime - $15 MISB

    Deluxe Two Pack: Downshift vs. Cannonball - $11 MISB (but cardback is beat up)
    Deluxe Two Pack: Excellion vs. Thundercracker - $11 MISB (but cardback is beat up)
    Two Pack: Crystal Widow vs. Oilslick - $20 MISB
    Two Pack: Tankor and Obsidian - $20 MISB

    Transformers Collectors Club:
    Seacons Set - $200 MISB (Includes shipping in the US, this one is non-negociable. I don't want to sell it, but if I can get this price for it, I'll let it go.)

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