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    Lately, I’ve been downsizing my collection (*plug* be sure and check out my updated sales post) and trying to look at the bright side of it. Honestly, I have too much stuff anyway. Even in a 4 bedroom house, there was never enough room to properly display things. I do want to keep some of them of course and had to decide what would make the cut. I opted to keep all of the tiny-formers (WST, Legends, Kabaya, mini knock offs, etc…). They’re easier to make space for and I’ve always loved the novelty aspect. As an added bonus, *most* of the time they’re cheaper should I ever want to get more.

    I recently came across something in my collection I’d forgotten about and never even opened. It’s a small plastic Machine Saurer. MS is one of the great toys that I never had the pleasure of owning but now that I’ve localized my collection, this will fit in nicely next to the WST Dinobots  Always a bright side!

    I suppose I should know something of its origins for my own edification. There are no markings and it did not come with a box. I received it in a small plastic bag with easy to assemble pieces. In addition to the origin, if anyone has some idea of how to attach the spiked wheel, I’d love to know. I don’t see an obvious peg for it.


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