Double taped Hot Rod Poster Edition

Discussion in 'Transformers On Ebay' started by Usmcloady, Dec 14, 2008.

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    Aug 8, 2008
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    Hey Everyone,
    Just wanted everyone to be aware of an Ebayer that may be trying to pass off Double Taped /Retaped G1 TFs. In September ebay user ID "tbk_thebigkahuna" had a G1 MISB Hotrod Movie edition poster box up for sale "Buy It Now" for $700 or $750, can't remember which. Anyway it looked good and I jumped on it. Right after I had bought the item I had to go to have an emergency Retinal repair on my eye. I was away from home for 5 weeks b/c the hospital was hours away and I stayed at a friends house recovering. At any rate the Hotrod was delivered while I was gone. When I returned home I sent the package off to AFA. The item just came back as double taped and AFA would not grade it. I looked at the Hotrod when I first opened the package before sendiing it to AFA and it looked legit. I didn't "study" the seals, just glanced at them and it looked MISB as advertised. Now having it back from AFA and really looking at it I can see where it was resealed. So it is my fault for not catching it initially. I don't know if this seller is on the board here, but I know he has sold a few other MISB G1 TFs in the past. I emailed him yesterday morning about the situation and I have not heard back from him. I just wanted everyone to be aware of this seller, so they do not get "taken" like I did. I'm not very happy. But you win some and lose some. The way I look at it, what comes around goes around. So I should be getting my Windfall check in the mail anyday now :)  either that or the Dinobots will appear in ROTF. I'd call that a fair trade :) 

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