DOTM Takara Deluxe Que CUSTOM + Bumblebee and some more

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    I sell my DOTM Deluxe Que CUSTOM on ebay, you can see it on this link:
    Transformers Takara DOTM CUSTOM Deluxe QUE /Wheeljack (handbemalt & einzigartig) | eBay

    And the link to my thread:

    I sell DOTM Nitro Bumblebee on ebay too:
    ebay: Transformers DOTM Movie CUSTOM Deluxe Nitro Bumblebee (handbemalt & einzigartig) | eBay

    And some more auctions:
    fujiwara-customs | eBay

    Shipping to USA sould cost arround 20-25 USD with tracking number, maybe cheaper :) 

    Please ask me if you have questions, otherwise you can use google translator for the actions.

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