Dotm leader class ironhide-take 2

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    Oct 13, 2011
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    a while back I posted a thread on this figure, and asked if anyone else had problems with the electronics on the figure. Particularly the conversion sounds as well as the Missile firing sound fx.

    Most said no, and afterwards I took the liberty of disassembling my Leader class Ironhide to investigate. First let me say, do not try this , as the screw wells for the chest assembly are glued to the body. When I tried to disassemble it, they all broke simultaneously.

    Next, I discovered a seperate sound chip in the left shoulder area, which controls the conversion sounds as that arm section is snapped into place.

    I also examined the rocket launcher in the right leg, and found the metal connection plate, which crackled with sound before dying altogether.

    For some reason a lot of these figures are defective, while a small majority are not. For example, figures ordered from were not defective, and all of the sound fx on these figures worked.

    I have since purchased a second figure from Target, which is also defective.

    Despite these shortcomings, I am impressed with the figure, and aside from the faulty wiring issue, the only thing that could have made the figure better would have been to use Jess Harnell's voice instead of John Doe, Hasbro voice over specialist.

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