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    Everything has been opened but complete in packaging, boxed stuff opened at the bottom, and carded figures had the plastic cut around the sides and bottom, all figures are able to display back in their packaging.

    $300 takes it all, or would also trade for a 2004 re-issue predaking

    Legion Bumblebee
    Legion Mudflap
    Legion Skids (sealed)
    Legion Sideswipe
    Legion Barricade (sealed)
    Legion Topspin
    Legion Leadfoot
    Legion Crowbar
    Legion Crankcase (forgot to put him in the picture)
    Legion Ratchet
    Legion Lightning Bumblebee
    Commander Optimus Prime
    Commander Megatron
    Commander Blackout
    Commander Ironhide
    Commander Sentinal Prime
    Commander Powerglide
    Commander Battle Steel Optimus Prime
    Battle PlaySet Bumblebee
    Battle PlaySet Starscream
    Bumblebee VS Soundwave w/Hot Rod
    Scan Series Bumblebee VS Starscream 4 Pack

    Basic HA Backfire w/Spike Witwicky

    Deluxe Bumblebee
    Deluxe Skids
    Deluxe Roadbuster
    Deluxe Crankcase
    Deluxe Starscream
    Deluxe Jolt
    Deluxe Ratchet
    Deluxe Topspin
    Deluxe Sideswipe
    Deluxe Barricade
    Deluxe Nascar Bumblebee
    Deluxe Nascar Sideswipe
    Deluxe Scan Series Sideswipe (sealed)
    Deluxe Scan Series Ironhide (sealed)

    Voyager Shockwave
    Voyager Ironhide
    Voyager Moon Optimus Prime w/Commettor



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