DOTM cheaper in Walmart??

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Were do you get your Dotm figures?

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  1. Target

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  2. Toys R us

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  3. Walmart

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  4. Internet or somewhere else

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  1. UltraMagnusXXX

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    Mar 4, 2011
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    I went to Target the other day and The new dotm deluxes were priced at 11.99 so I decided to pass (I got a budget on figures).
    After that I went to Toys R us this friday and found Deluxes at 10.99 yet I though we would hopefully have the classic one week after sale of 8.99 on Deluxes in Toys R us (Unfortunately, nothing this week). SO I decided to wait.
    Just yesterday I passed by Walmart for some dog food and though, why not take a look?
    Deluxes- 9.98
    Voyager- 18.97 (add or take a few cents)
    Leaders- 42.(forgot how many cents).

    I Picked up Cranckase, and Am planning to go back for Megatron and Optimus.
    Is this like a permanent price on walmart? or a just released week sale that they had that ends today??

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