DOTM Breakaway tips and tricks!

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    This I got up for DOTM tips and tricks for Breakaway. Am I the only one online who dose really good as him? He's definitely one of the most powerful autobots.

    I'll take a risk, make a choice, make a change,

    Scoped Burst Rifle: Its good but he already has a scoped weapon.
    Shotgun: Yes, amazing in CQC against all class's.
    Grenade Launcher: Hell Yes! Four shot kill with any damage buff and can be used during hover.

    Energon sling: Can even the odds.
    Stun: Can even the odds against soldiers and scouts, even Jets if their trying to rem you.
    Spawn Sentry. Why the hell do people use it? Its horribly bad and dose not do any damage.

    Offensive Perks: Dose not matter.

    Defensive Perks:
    First Aid: Because you have to run away a lot.
    Leg servers: Hunters are big targets.
    Flak Armor: Helps stay a live against explosions.
    Fast health regain: No. The less health the class has the faster the regain so its fast already.
    Health Matrix. Maybe. It might work by a hunter.

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