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    I thought I had my Wreckers collection down and done, but now I'm having second thoughts. I have two options, either way they involve a commission for custom work.

    Option 1: I stick with what I've got. So far, I've got deluxe Topspin, HA Roadbuster, and HA Leadfoot. It bothers me a bit that they're not all the same size, but that's not that big of a deal. It does bother me however that HA Leadfoot not only isn't that great of a figure, but is entirely inaccurate. Why he isn't weaponized is beyond me. Anyways, If I am to keep this set I will ask someone to somehow throw a few mechtech ports onto Leadfoot and use the guns from TopSpin on him. It won't be much but it'll be something (and probably difficult)

    Option 2: This is what I'm leaning towards. Under this option I swallow a big pricetag and pick up deluxe Leadfoot. It looks good and all the Takara version needs is a sticker or a little paint or something to make the Target symbol and its good to go. The problem lies in the deluxe Roadbuster. My OCD in me won't allow me to pick up a Deluxe Leadfoot without getting a deluxe Roadbuster too to go with my Deluxe Topspin and Deluxe Leadfoot. But Roadbuster isn't weaponized. So I would therefore have to commission someone to weaponize Roadbuster, which from the Customs section is pretty common if a spare Deluxe Topspin is used.

    So there you have, which one do you guys think I should do and is more practical and looks the best?

    1) Unaltered Deluxe Topspin, Unaltered HA Roadbuster, HA Leadfoot with mechtech ports

    2) Unalteres Deluxe Topspin, Unaltered Deluxe Leadfoot (aside from the Target Logo), Heavily altered weaponized Deluxe Roadbuster.

    Like I said, I'm leaning towards 2, it may take some more effort, but I think the final product will look the best. But I'm open to almost anything :) 


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