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    Hey there TFW2005 its been a while lol, so recently I have begun collecting kamen rider and Sentai mercy more than anything but I still dip into transformers. So if you guys have any of the items below let me know and also feel free to view my feedback on rangerboard under the same name. In addition feel free to offer me what you think your item is worth, if I agree i'll buy it if not ill counter-offer. I don't necessarily have a limited valuation and am really open to all offers. I live in New Jersey so you can include shipping prices in your offers. thanks for all your help and have a nice day!!!

    Kamen Rider:

    Decade :

    Ganbaride Cards: looking for just new and fun cards to use with my decadriver, nothing specific but form ride, final attack rides, and over nifty cards would be nice. ( send me pics of cards you would want to offer me)

    Final Form Ride FFR figures 00-11 ( I am looking for these to be in good condition and come with all parts, they do not have to come with packaging or the ganbaride cards that they came with, except for diend and decade complete, I want the cards for those two.)

    Double W :

    Double / W form change WFC (01-06): again these need to be in good condition and complete no packaging required.


    Shinkenger: Looking for the hidden / secret disks for dragon, bear, ape, and turtle.

    Gokaiger: S H Figuarts Gokai Yellow (Must be complete and undamaged in box)

    Power Rangers:

    In Space: Sticker sheet for DX Delta Megaozrd

    RPM: Mach Megazord / Sky rev Megazord , must also be complete and in good condition, no packaging or instructions required


    Animated Wingblade Prime : Complete and in good condition is a must!!!! instructions and box would be nice but not necessary

    Thank you again for all your help, again I don't require packaging and sometimes certain accessories (for most items) but if you have something new in box I would gladly pay more for it. My one big equipment is that everything be in good condition. Have a great Day!!!!

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