Does RID get better as it continues?

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    Personally, I think Agent Fowler is the best Aligned Continuity human. Just throwing that out there.

    Anyway, I'd say that RID has gotten better. The first season isn't anything to write home about, and neither is the second until the Starscream arc (is that counted as part of season 2? I'm not sure). But the current season is actually pretty enjoyable and seems to have an idea of where it's going. The Stunticons are actually good villains, and the non-Stunticon antagonists manage to be entertaining at least. Compare to season 1, where it was just a monster of the week show and the plot was thin, and season 2 was similarly structured.

    Season 3 is improving on what was good about the previous seasons and trying to fix what was wrong. I'd say that's a plus.

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