Does any know about botcon 2006 Inferno from the customizing class?

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    Does anyone know how the Botcon customizing class works? I've never been to a Botcon myself and I'm wondering if they give you a color map for what the figure should look like or just throw some paints on the table and say, "good luck, have fun!" or something in between

    I'm wondering specifically about Botcon 2006 Inferno made from the red Cybertron Scrapmetal mold. I've seen 3 pics of it and a list of about 9 paints but for the life of me I can't figure out where they use all the paint on this guy.

    A list of the colors used
    "Testors paint colors were used: Gin Green, Bright Blue, Camouflage Gray, Flat White, Cobalt Blue, Deep Pearlescent Purple, Medium Gray, Armored Steel, and Flat Black."

    A few links to help

    Image:Universe2003toy-InfernoBotCon.jpg - Transformers Wiki
    Inferno (BW - Transformers Wiki)

    This is the OTFCC pdf of the issue with a picture on page 9

    resource page from this site
    Inferno - Transformers - TFW2005

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