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Discussion in 'Wanted Items' started by DocBot89, Feb 19, 2012.

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    Hey everyone,
    I am looking for a few transformers and figured I would create a forum for them. I am still in school so money is kind of tight but if you have any of the following and are willing to let them go, please shoot me a pm. I would really like most of these figures loose since I feel bad about opening them!
    1.Shattered Glass Drift-Collectors Club Exclusive
    2.Run-about-Collectors Club Exclusive
    3.2007 Movie-Premium Ironhide
    4.2007 Movie-Premium Jazz
    5.Animated Botcon Cheetor
    6.Animated Botcon Fisitron
    7.Animated Botcon Autotrooper
    8.Takara WFC Cliffjumper
    9.UN-27 Wipeout and Windcharger 2-pack (will buy individually if separated too)
    10. UN-23 Rodimus Convoy
    11.UN-20 Rumble ad Frenzy 2-pack (will buy individually if separated too)
    12.Sons of Cybertron Crystal Rodimus
    13.Henkei Ratchet
    14.Henkei Ironhide
    15.WFC Darkside Optimus Prime
    16.Botcon Streetstar 2010
    17.Botcon Animated G2 Sideswipe
    18.TFCC Punch-counterpunch
    19.Botcon Rapido
    20.Energon Omega Sentinel (willing to pay a little more)
    21.Sideburn-collectors club
    Thanks again, the one's in bold are high priority. Feel free to ask me if there is a transformer you are looking for as well and we can trade. I'm moving to a new apartment so I am packing them all up anyways and may have an extra of one that you are looking for!

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