Do your children have lots of toys?

Discussion in 'Transformers Toy Discussion' started by SydneyY, Dec 9, 2012.

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    When I first started buying TFs it didn't really matter, my older son and I both wanted TFs, and I bought the toys and we shared. At that time the younger son was only 2, so I only had to buy a Matchbox Car for him and everyone was happy.
    As the second son got older and got into Star Wars, it became apparent that it didn't work anymore. During that time I started importing toys more, and I always made sure there were some SW figures in the parcel as well as TFs. That's until he turned 5 or so.

    Now both my sons generally have to buy toys with tier own money. We give them $15 fortnight (granted they do their chores and keep their room tidy) and the older one is saving for a mobile phone.

    I said "generally" because I still help them out with toys sometimes. For example, a Star Wars figure or a basic Lego set costs slightly over $15 here. When the sons find some "hot" item at the shop and a bit short of money, I give them a couple of dollars. That's another thing about me being into toys...I know the toy they want may not be there by the time they save up. Some figures are short-packed....I guess I'm still spoiling them :redface2: 

    jametron - congrats!!!
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    My sons already have lots of toys including all of the Rescue Bots line. They have lots of Duplo blocks (not old enough for real Lego yet) and various trains. I probably buy them more toys than they need because I had lots of toys when I was younger and also like to see my kids enjoying them.

    I also have lots of stuff for when they are older. I plan to let them play with my Lego collection (over 100,000 pieces), my modern GI Joes if they like them, and some of the TF collection.

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