Do you think they should a game engine arounf Transformers?

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Should a game engine be created around Transformers?

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    Sorry for the typo.

    Rather than use the Unreal Engine 3 or whatever, they should create their own engine for TF games. For example, an engine was created for Sonic the Hedgehog games (Hedgehog Engine) eventually and it was made specifically for the needs of Sonic Unleahed.

    This engine could include authentic tranformations (not like what was shown in WfC which cheats) but accurately shifts the character form one mode to another. Furthermore, this engine should represent mass properly as this isn't always conveyed well in TF games. Robots are heavy as so they should affect the environment appropriately. It's not enough to have the camera shake; the sound has to be right (both inside and outside and the ground should be affected.

    The case here is that the physics should be right. Maybe gravity can affect things automatically for example, the engine would automatically Optimus move slower etc because he's a larger character where as a smaller character would move faster?

    Remember the video of Ironhide in the DOTM game? That bus didn't even crumple. They should take a page out of Star Wars' Digital Molecular Matter engine where objects and the AI interact as they would in real life. I know there's a video on the internet showcasing and I'll post it later.

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