Do people like RID2015?

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Do YOU like RID2015

  1. Yes I like/love/enjoy it

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  2. meh whatever

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  3. No I hate/dislike it

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  1. Alpha_&_Omega

    Alpha_&_Omega From the Covenant of Primus...

    Nov 14, 2004
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    I voted no, though its not the worst tf show that I've had to force my self to watch. That spot is a tie between the unicron trilogy and animated.
  2. The621

    The621 Fuck you, that's why!

    Feb 4, 2006
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    It's what it is. It's not perfect. It does try to maintain a slew of the lore of what Transformers is and draws that line finely, just as Animated, and all the others have done. Plus, they have quite the seasoned cast members. So, I give it a passing approval.
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  3. LoranBasaraEvin

    LoranBasaraEvin Potato Girl

    Dec 11, 2009
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    Inglessa Province
    It's a fun little show. It's nice to see the status quo shaken up for once in a TV series.
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  4. Fivepeepeeman

    Fivepeepeeman Member

    Jan 2, 2018
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    Ehhh. It’s ok. It got boring to me but it wasn’t completely terrible
  5. Spontificus

    Spontificus Well-Known Member

    Jan 23, 2017
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    Just finished watching the final episode, and I'll say it was good, but it is the most seriously flawed of the TF shows that I consider good.

    To further explain this, I'll have to get into the nitty-gritty of how I rank the TF series. I generally divide all my media into five groups:

    First is the Un-rank-ables, a category that I use for large franchises that have series that deviate so much from the core concept that it becomes hard to compare and contrast those series with the rest of the franchise. Rescue Bots ends up in this category despite me liking the show because it is largely separate from the tales of war (or the lead up to the war or fallout from after the war) that makes up the large majority of Transformers fiction.

    Second is the Enjoyably Goofy category. A lot of people would call this category the so-bad-its-good or ironic enjoyment category, though I don't like using those terms because I feel my enjoyment of these series is more genuine than either of those terms imply. I'd put the original series, animated movie, and RID2001 into this category.

    Third gets us into the more standard rankings with the Bad category. Stuff that I can look back on and say I did not enjoy at all. Things that are so bad that there is next to nothing salvageable about it. If I were asked how to improve these stories, I'd say to scrap the whole thing and start with a fresh slate because the very foundations of these series are unusably bad. Here lie the likes of Energon, the Combiner Wars web series, most of the Bayformer sequels, plus the more controversial parts of the Japenese canon.

    Fourth is the Mixed Bag/Just Okay category. This is reserved for series that did not leave much of an impact on me, or are salvageable messes that could have been good if it weren't for a few major flaws. Stuff like the first live action movie that did not leave either a strong negative or much of a positive impact end up here. Armada and Cybertron end up here as well, who would have at least been on the low end of enjoyable if it weren't for a bad dub and bad source material respectively.

    Finally is the Good, the stuff that I generally enjoyed for non-ironic or so-bad-its-good-reasons. If I can look back on my experience with a series, and remember enjoying it for the vast majority of itself it ends up here. The top of this category is stuff that I consider amazing and near flawless, and at the bottom is stuff that I enjoyed despite their flaws. So at the top is stuff like IDW Phase 2, Animated, and Beast Wars, which all delivered on a fun, well told take on the Transformers mythos with their own twists on the formula. In the middle is stuff that is more standard and does not deviate much from the basic framework of Transformer stories, but they are still enjoyable despite not being particularly unique or outstanding. This is where Prime and most TF comics fall. And at its bottom is RID.

    The reason that RID falls at the bottom of the good category instead of the mixed bag one is that despite it having numerous flaws, none of them were severe enough to diminish my enjoyment to the point I was having a bad time. In fact, I generally had a pretty good time with the show. Despite obviously not having much of the series planned out beforehand, which is a problem with the much better Beast Wars as well, it turned out pretty well. Most of my cons against this show are nitpicks, with the only thing about the show that I feel was unredeemable terrible was its mercifully short theme song, if you can count saying the title a few times with some synthesized guitar riffs a theme song. I do wish that there was more of a focus on the Cybertron conspiracy, which was much more interesting than anything else in the show, and that the storytelling did not take slight hits in order to promote the current gimmick in the toyline or otherwise unimportant characters who just had a toy released, and it made more use of the narrative possibilities of it being a sequel to Prime. It is a shame that the final villains of the series only make their first appearance as the penultimate episode and that we never get to see what happened to the human cast of Prime after the intervening years, something that even the otherwise terrible Energon delivered for the human cast of Armada. And that the promise of a multimedia aligned universe was all but shattered thanks to this show only ever bothering to be consistent with the other aligned TV shows. But none of those gripes ruined the show for me. In the end, it was an enjoyable, simple tale about Bumblebee forming a team and getting them to work together despite his inexperience as a leader, and was pretty good for a largely episodic show.
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  6. NaCl

    NaCl Noobie who likes boobies

    Sep 13, 2017
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    At least it has Soundwave. Even if they broke the vow of silence.

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