do energon storm jet shoulders make for good plug socket combiner ports?

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    the reason i ask that question is because i am currently toying with the idea in my head of salvaging a set of shoulder joints complete with folding panel inner shoulder parts from one of my junker energon stormjets

    and then modding the flat panel folding inner shoulder parts so that my energon barricade has a flat panel socket joint shoulder inset into place between the two sets of wheels in the center bottom front of his upper body

    with the raised ring on his backpacks energon starport being sanded flat off and the other flat panel shoulder socket being set into place on onslaughts control cab backpack in place of the whole energon star port ring thing

    the basic idea being that the energon stormjet plug joints would be set into place

    one on the center square thing on onslaughts double missile cannons wepaons pack to attach the missile cannons weaposn pack to bruticus's control cab

    the other on the back of a energon skyblast figure so that it can serve as bruticus's flying wing chestplate breast armor

    that way onslaught has two roller drones to work with

    with the rear trailer exstension combiner feet parts serving asa land based roller drone vehicle

    and the skyblast figure serving as a air based jetcon roller drone that can also combine with bruticus as the breastplate

    so far i have toiled and tinkered withthe idea working the whole thing out in my head from every possible angle

    and i have 3 energon barricades and at least 3 junker energon stormjets to salvage the shoulder parts from

    as they say the third times the charm so lets hope i manage to get lucky folks
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    interesting theory but wouldnt this get better responses in the creative genral discusion section

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