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Discussion in 'Transformers Movie Discussion' started by monosierra, Jun 27, 2009.

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    So I see new names being discussed here, should Bay leave the franchise. George Lucas has a thread, Spielberg gets a node, and one reviewer suggested that Katherine Bigelow could orchestrate better war sequences (Hurt Locker).

    I do like Bay films - and I totally get his point that its really hard to pull off highly technical and tightly choreographed action sequences. He has always been spot-on with editing said sequences (with the editor), unlike, say Stephen Sommers, who is always on the verge of losing his pacing; although ROTF was a bit messier than I thought.

    What Bay brings:
    - Brand name (though, as in the case of Harry Potter, the franchise itself is the draw)
    - Well-acquainted with TF by now
    - Discipline (Very important - that's a major reason why the TF films were made within budget and on time)
    - Experience with action sequences
    - Support of military & royalty (Very important! Few other directors, if any, enjoys such rapport with military forces both American and abroad. They helped saved a lot of money!)

    What he doesn't bring:
    - What if TF3 is merely a bigger and louder version of ROTF? Non-core audiences might have had enough of giant robot action by then. Fresh blood might bring in a new style & approach.
    - TF2's poor reviews.
    - Wide action shots.

    What other directors would you like to see tackle the 3rd film? Keep in mind technical wizardry (Marc Foster supposedly left the action parts of Quantum of Solace to his 2nd unit director, who didn't do a stellar job)!
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    Brett Ratner, bitches.

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