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    Dinobot is one of the most well known Beast Wars characters. A fusion of a Thespian and a warrior, he makes a comeback in the Universe 2.0 line.

    Vehicle Mode

    Dinobot is what you'd expect him to be. A raptor with feet like a Deinonychus. The skin is a significantly darker shade of brown than the show version. There also are a set of stripes that have brighter colored plastic. The mouth is openable and closeable.

    Some of the parts on Dinobot are made of a rubber plastic... thing. His arms and tail tip to be specific.

    Robot Mode

    Now this is where things get interesting. Dinobot retains the same look the old version had, but made show accurately at the same time. He even has the leg bones and claw hands. Speaking of claw hands, these can be switched for traditionally humanoid hands.

    He has two weapons. His 'Veloci-Rotor' blade (which does not rotate), and his missile. The missile is molded in the same way as Dinobot's old sword. But it's clear orange, and has a rounded off top.

    Now there are a few complaints, such as the lack of leg articulation, and it lacks a balljointed head.

    Overall- Overall I think this a great toy to add to your collection. The Vehicle mode is fine, and the Robot mode is even better. And It's a awesome update to the Beast Wars counterpart. And, come on, we got Dinobot, and he's a Dinosaur!

    I have to give this figure an 8/10. It's a good improvement, but this figure has some issues. Leg, and head articulation problems really make this figure suffer, but I still reccomend it.
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