Didnt think it would bother me, but as Im packing it up it does.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by rodimusprime2007, May 15, 2011.

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    I really didnt think it would bother me this much. Just got done taking my USS FLAGG apart to start packing it up. I just figured I could use the room. Huh, funny, didnt mind it when my wife and I had an apartment for years, but now when we finally decided to buy a house 1 and half years ago I find myself cleaning alot of things up. The whole basement is mine to do as I wish. She was happy with that deal, keeps all my stuff out of site when people come over. Anyway since the Flagg is shipping off, the T Drome is next. I wonder if its one of those things Ill sell and then regret it and then Ill end up paying more to get another one. Wouldnt be the first time. Theres just days when I look at all this stuff and its just stuff, I dont care if its here or not. I love my toys, but once in awhile Ill just sit here and go, Im 36 with 2 kids, what am I doing? There is only about half of what I used to own down here anymore. Whats left is the stuff I truly love, or grew up playing with as a kid.
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    I hear ya man. When I sold off a lot of my Macross Valkyries, I distinctly remember having the choice of doing that or selling other things that I have since sold off as well. I kinda regret selling the Valks, but....I needed the money. I look at my toy collection and sometimes take the loose ones and box em up to re-arrange the current display or put other ones on display. Just being on this forum and seeing some of the pics fellow members post up, I miss having some of those toys I used to play with when I was a kid.

    I've often times asked myself "what am I doing?"....."why am I spending so much on these things?" I guess deep down inside, there's always going to be that "kid" that can't get over how cool these damned things are. And even though I don't play with these toys like I did when I was a kid, even just looking at them will bring fond memories. Makes me think about my life sometimes......and selling off the part of the collection that I told myself initially I'd never let go of.....is like a piece of me just left.

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