Did seeing Avatar change your mind about buying the figures?

Discussion in 'The Toyark' started by SentinelPrime, Jan 24, 2010.

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    Hi! /wave

    I didn't care one bit about buying Avatar figures or vehicles. At all. Between collecting TWO Transformers lines (Movie/classics) and 3.75" superhero stuff and the occasional GI Joe, I have PLENTY to buy when it comes to figures.

    Then, I saw Avatar, and loved it. It's one of those rare films that is a true experience in the theater, and sticks with you. (well, me at least.)

    So there I stood, after the film, in the Walmart toy isle, as the only IMAX in town is by a Walmart I never check. But this time, instead of passing by the Avatar stuff without a glance, I found myself standing there, blank minded and puzzling to the average passerby, but in my mind an intense battle was raging.

    One part was saying "You have tons of toys to collect, you dont need one more shelf full of Avatar stuff, just get that Hardhead on discount."

    The other was saying "Aw, screw it. I want an amp suit and a Neytiri figure. I've got a couple of blank shelves, and it will blend with the 3.75" stuff anyway, and be a finite line to buy and then stop."

    Being my impulsive self, who loves to buy a couple of toys from a movie I really love (rare, but ROTF, Dark Knight and Avatar come to mind) I ended up walking out with said Amp suit and Neytiri.

    Cool thing, usually when I buy toys the cashier raises an eyebrow and suspiciously says "this a birthday present or something?" the cashier in this case paused, looked at the box, and instead of the usual tripe he asks "Seen it in 3D?" Then proceeds to say he's seen it twice and also bought the Amp suit.

    Anyone else have a toy conflict of conscience after seeing the movie?
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    Unfortunately i feel that the toys are really quite lame, for some reason the onscreen images just dont translate into something i'd want on my shelf, i loved the movie, not the toys. What works as a toy sometimes doesnt translate well to a film either!

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