Did kup die?

Discussion in 'Transformers General Discussion' started by MechanovaKing, Oct 13, 2011.

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    OK...did Kup die in Infestation? Is that cannon? Did that happen in the main story?
    I know Infestation was affected but what was going on in; on going.

    But I'm hoping Infestation didn't feed back into the main story.
    [Not to say it was bad, I read all of Infestation. I liked it. I don't think a sequel is needed.]

    Kup was cool and had an awesome start, and then an awesome come back, and was a well developing character still in progress. To have him die to zombie waves or what ever; in a two shot comic cross over would be lame.
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    Canon. Not cannon.

    It is canon, but I believe IDW said if you don't like it, you can just ignore it. Kup's disappeared in the main ongoing storyline so if you want an explanation to where he's gone, read Infestation. He's not dead though, he was just sent to the Dead Universe at the beginning of time. Kup's disappearance is the only thing that has any impact on the main story.

    The sequel isn't going to take place in the main story continuity, it'll take place in the alternate Hearts of Steel continuity they did a mini-series for some years ago. I don't think it'll have any affect on the main continuity at all or even bring back Kup for it.
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    the consequences of going to the dead universe havnt been clarified in the idw comics so it isnt a death sentance as hardhead, cyclonus, jhiaxus have all been there and have appeared to be trapped there or cant leave there for long so who knows what fate awaits cup. as much as I like cup I thought infestation by cross over standards was good and the way bayonett was defeated and cups downfall made sense in the wider storyline and I think from a storyline point of view its good to give main characters breaks or have some major impact on them. last stand of the wreckers effectively put grimlock on the shelf as well. in transformers theres lots of choice with character so they can afford to lose a few to give storylines greater impact

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